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Reforming Ukraine

The Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP) met in Kyiv, Ukraine on the 3rd to the 5th December for its Council Meeting. The meeting marks the 4th time YEPP has visited Ukraine in the past 2 years and commemorated the anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity that took place in Maidan square.

YEPP events

Summer School Bucharest-Black Sea 1999
Monday,26/Jul/99 to Sunday,01/Aug/99
Seminar The Hague 1999
Wednesday,17/Mar/99 to Saturday,20/Mar/99
2nd Congress Lisbon 1999
Thursday,04/Mar/99 to Sunday,07/Mar/99
Seminar Vienna 1998
Thursday,03/Dec/98 to Sunday,06/Dec/98
Study Session Strasbourg 1998
Sunday,04/Oct/98 to Sunday,11/Oct/98
Seminar Winterthur 1998
Wednesday,23/Sep/98 to Saturday,26/Sep/98
Summer School Kos 1998
Tuesday,07/Jul/98 to Sunday,12/Jul/98
Chairmen's Conference Madrid 1998
Thursday,05/Mar/98 to Sunday,08/Mar/98
Seminar Riga 1997
Thursday,04/Dec/97 to Sunday,07/Dec/97
Seminar Bratislava 1997
Friday,03/Oct/97 to Sunday,12/Oct/97
Seminar Warsaw 1997
Thursday,26/Jun/97 to Sunday,29/Jun/97
1st Congress Brussels 1997
Friday,31/Jan/97 to Sunday,02/Feb/97