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Europe’s agricultural sector is facing unprecedented challenges in the wake of digitalisation and automation, which are threatening the supply of high quality, affordable food on which 500 million Europeans rely every day. In addition to providing approximately 44 million jobs across the continent, Europe’s agricultural sector exports over 130 billion worth of agricultural products every year making the industry an essential element of Europe’s robust economy.


YEPP events

Seminar Palma de Mallorca 2006
Monday,15/May/06 to Thursday,18/May/06
Seminar Chisinau 2006
Thursday,27/Apr/06 to Sunday,30/Apr/06
EPP Congress and Board Meeting Rome 2006
Thursday,30/Mar/06 to Friday,31/Mar/06
Seminar Prague 2006
Thursday,26/Jan/06 to Sunday,29/Jan/06
Board Meeting Gent 2005
Saturday,10/Dec/05 to Monday,12/Dec/05
Seminar Copenhagen 2005
Monday,17/Oct/05 to Thursday,20/Oct/05
Seminar Tbilisi 2005
Thursday,29/Sep/05 to Sunday,02/Oct/05
4th Balkan Conference and Seminar Belgrade 2005
Thursday,23/Jun/05 to Sunday,26/Jun/05
Board Meeting Moss 2005
Friday,15/Apr/05 to Sunday,17/Apr/05
5th Congress Paris 2005
Thursday,17/Mar/05 to Sunday,20/Mar/05
Seminar Larnaca 2005
Thursday,03/Feb/05 to Sunday,06/Feb/05
Seminar Poznan 2004
Thursday,09/Dec/04 to Sunday,12/Dec/04